Podcamp Nashville 2011: Get Off the Fence and Just GO!

Last stop on the blog tour before Podcamp Nashville 2011 and it’s decision time. I thought it would be fun to be last but I forgot what happens when you’re the final one up to bat....your choice of topics that haven’t been covered shrinks. So far there have been 36  blogs and no less than 6 podcast episodes (4 of my own) covering Podcamp Nashville 2011. I did find a topic to write about...Get off the fence and just go. There is a listing of all the blogs on the Podcamp Tour. Visit NashvilleTechFeed.com for full post.

Last stop on the blog tour before Podcamp Nashville 2011 and it’s decision time. I thought it would be fun to be last but I forgot what happens when you’re the final one up to bat….your choice of topics that haven’t been covered shrinks. So far there have been 36  blogs and no less than 6 podcast episodes (4 of my own) covering Podcamp Nashville 2011.

So what to write on the final day before the event? I could share with you “Tales of a Podcamp Veteran” but Mitch Catner had done such an excellent job, maybe “Networking Tips” but William Griggs nailed it or “How to Pack for Podcamp” but again Janet Wallace got that covered. I could write a “Musicians Guide to Podcamp Nashville” nope Charles Alexander did it, maybe since I spoke last year I could help for presenters again nope Justin Davis has “Tips for Presenters.”  There are 30 plus more so you see the dilemma. Even the Tennessean got into the act by devoting front page of the Sunday business section on Podcamp. One thing I know I should do is at the end of this post I have shared the list with links to of all the great blog contributions for this event, course the fine folks at Podcamp already got that one as well. I still did it.


Get Off the Fence

I did find a topic to write about so here goes…Get off the fence and just go. You won’t be disappointed. Key thing to remember is that Nashville’s un-conferences like Barcamp and Podcamp are like any conferences you have attended before. They’re not stuffy super structured events where you need to dress in your best business suit and figure out your track.  It’s casual jeans and a t-shirt, which is what I’m wearing and no tracks just hop from session to session. Our un-conferences are an open arena of creative and technical people who are approachable and do so; overcome your instinct and go say hello to someone you don’t know. My first un-conference was Barcamp, I went alone and met some great people while lighting a fire under me to get involved. I won’t ever forget that first event.


Get Involved

These events are put together by the same community that attends. We want share with you the passion for tech and creativity Nashville has. If you have questions don’t hesitate to ask, we are here to answer them. And if you like Podcamp this year, volunteer next year and you’ll get another whole different experience. That was my case and I have made friends with people who I might never have connected with beyond twitter or a meetup once in a while.


Sponsor this Event

For you businesses out there in Nashville, this is the best way to reach the people in this city who are creating it’s future. These are the ones who are the trend-makers, early adopters and teacher others that you probably will hire. By helping them make these events a reality you will gain new customers but better yet you’ll gain advocates for your brand. It’s the worth the dollar amount and the return will be so much greater.


Just Go!

This is for the people who have signup up at PodcampNashville.org might not show up. Have you ever RSVPed for a party or event and decided you just didn’t want to go but you did. It turned out to be a great time and you would have missed it. Podcamp is like that, if you don’t go you won’t realize what you’re missing. You can just show up in the morning and you don’t even have to stay all day.


Final Tips from Me

  • Don’t go to just tell and not listen. You’re missing a big piece of what makes these events special.
  • There’s only coffee for breakfast so grab something before you arrive.
  • Go to a session where you don’t know anything about but are interested in the topic.
  • It’s not too late to volunteer, we’re looking for people to help with the video/podcasting station.
  • Buy a lunch ticket, for $20 it buys you a great lunch (buffet) and 4 drinks. It’s a great deal & it helps keep Podcamp free. Details here.
  • Buy a beverage for someone you don’t know, it’s an easy way to start a conversation.
  • Don’t expect perfection, but do expect some pleasant nuggets of knowledge and great conversations.
  • If you’re married, tomorrows Podcamp will happen in a blink of an eye. Take moments during the day to remember it.
  • If you like Podcamp Nashville then go “Like” it on Facebook.
  • Download The Color App for some fun, it’s social photo taking.


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And me!

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