NYU Study says Blog Chatter Can Triple Future Music Sales

Blog chatter can increase your reach

By now if you have been following this blog you should have a focused online game plan that includes your own website which has a blog(s), podcast(s) along with photos, schedule, bio and more. You use social networking to extend your reach online to acquire new fans and sales; you invite those fans help with the creative and decision making process to give them more vested than just liking the music. If you’re not doing these things make sure to read the Music Business section on this website to catch up.

Blog Chatter Can Triple Future Sales of Music Albums According to New Study from NYU Stern” was the article that is along the lines of firm results from the blogosphere in the relation to music sales. The article pulled some good facts from the NYU Stern study.

The NYU Stern study concludes:

  • the volume of blog posts about an album is positively correlated with future sales,
  • greater increases in an artist’s Myspace friends week over week have a weaker correlation to higher future sales,
  • traditional factors are still relevant – albums released by major labels and albums with a number of reviews from mainstream sources like Rolling Stone also tended to have higher future sales.

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I just want to say “no duh!” to the finding of the paper. It’s pretty obvious that traditional media will still be relevant and to discount the internet and social media would be a mistake.

The key is the more people can read about you and your music the better off you will be. That means you need to be embracing bloggers as much or even more than traditional media. MP3 blogs have been used for years by Indie labels in order to help push singles and now its time to dig even deeper. By using your fans to help promote the music, a 100 fan blogs can reach a large crowd which values peer opinion more than traditional media.

Take a read of the paper because it really has some good information. Be prepared for some technical jargon but there is some gems in there that will help you create online strategies that work.

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