Nashville Tech Feed – #7 – ObviousPop & Geeks Dissect the Grammys

The 2010 Grammys are over and Nashville was well represented, in episode seven we discuss the aftermath. First we’ll talk with Dr. Tony Shore music industry veteran about the challenges of putting together a niche-based music-oriented podcast, his research into what the PROs (ASCAP, SESAC and BMI) want from podcasters in terms of ca$h, the resurgence of vinyl, his prodigious record collection, and more.

Then we try to read what the tea leafs say about Pepsi’s decision to bypass the Superbowl and spend $20 million on social media.

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With Dr. Tony Shore of

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Grammy Wrap-up:

  • Nashville’s big night: Taylor Swift, Kings of Leon and more (From
  • Bad TV? Then why were ratings up 35% over last year? (From
  • Feel free to add more…

Pepsi to Skip Super Bowl Ads in Favor of $20M Social Media Campaign via Mashable

  • experiment or perm change?

Tom Howard

For all practical purposes, Tom Howard was primarily a Facebook friend, a person who I met a few times in quote-unquote “real life” but I knew more as a friend of friends.

But I was very familiar with the work of Tom Howard the musician — the arranger — the conductor — and that’s why it was still very difficult to hear of his passing Friday afternoon after suffering a heart attack while hiking at Edwin Warner Park.

Tom did most of his work in the gospel and contemporary Christian realms, first out in California, then moving to Nashville. He wasn’t the guy you called when you needed a big, bombastic score…he was the guy you called when you needed somebody with an innate sense of how to make strings work within the framework of pop music. Tom knew the value of “less is more.”

I have dozens of friends who have better Tom Howard stories than I, but I do remember two intersections with him: one at the now-deserted downtown Irish pub Seanachie, where an impromptu gathering with the equally missed Dwight Ozard turned into a spirited (in more ways than one) discussion about creativity in the everyday life.

The other is from the last time I saw him, a little over a year ago at a haphazard gig with the occasional combo called the Faux Brummels, a collection of some of Tom’s peers who get together occasionally to blast through ’70s rock tunes. The ease of his playing and the smile on his face added to the laid-back excitement of the night, another one of those “only in Nashville” kind of events.

I said it Friday via Twitter…Nashville lost an incredibly talented soul that afternoon. Rest in peace, Tom.


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David – audio book – The Modern Scholar: Way with Words: Writing Rhetoric and the Art of Persuasion

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