Nashville Tech Feed #22 – Nashville Music Council & The Internet is Over

In episode #22 we take another show into the realm of the music industry covering Nashville Music Council, Personal People Meters for Radio and Prince. Listen and full show notes at
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In episode #22 we take another show into the realm of the music industry.

First we ask the question, do we need another group in Nashville promoting music? Is it more than just a narrow focus. Nashville Music Council has officially launched to some fan fair and out panel dives in discussing the pros & cons of the formation of another group.


We shift over to radio with personal people meters arriving in the Nashville market. Is Arbritron going to change the arrangement of the top radio stations with more accurate technology? Will ratings really change? Would big swings in ratings would prove the old system was way off?

In our final news segment we jump into some pop-culture with "is the internet really over?" Prince says it is but is it just a way to get some free press? Why is he using dead trees to push his digital plastic disc?

And as always we wrap up with listener voicemails and "What We're Consuming" sharing the stuff we're reading, listening to, apps using and so on.

Sit back and listen to a fantastic conversation with host David Beronja, co-host Lucas Hendrickson and guests Paul Schatzkin of Cohesion Arts and Craig Havighurst of String Theory Media.

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