Nashville Tech Feed #15 – the iPad, Adobe vs Apple & Declining Music Sales

Finally after several weeks we get the original hosts who made a pact not to speak of the iPad until we have one in our hands. So we begin episode 15 with an iPad roundtable which leads into the battle between Adobe and Apple for the future of the internet or something like that. The second half of the episode we discuss the surprise that digital downloads of music are down for the first half of 2010 and what it could all mean. We end the show with our usual segment “What We Are Consuming” which seems to be a lot this week. Running length: 1hr 4min

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Show Topics:

iPad Roundtable – 3 Weeks After Launch

Adobe vs Apple over Flash:
Music Sales Down, Including Digital

Skype and Bars for Charity: Geoff and the Big Bang Nationwide are doing probably the first nationwide Skype hookup/recording session with live audiences. LIVE.

Live music in Nashville combining with Internet connectivity:
Could it be the new bootlegging? As more devices are connected, it moves to more real-time capturing. Qik and Ustream. And that could actually be very cool. An example is Geoff’s upcoming show at the very cool and very connected Edgehill Cafe on Music Row

And will more live streaming networks (like and  and a mobile device bring back the good old days of radio instead of the very self (user) gratifying “make your own radio station” models of today.


What we’re consuming:

David – Audio Book: ReWork by Jason Fried & David Heinemeier Hansson

Lucas – Listening to my sole purchase from Record Store Day, a copy of the “Essential Cheap Trick” 2-disc set. Saw dozens of other things I wanted/needed but was paralyzed by my choices.

Paul –  I’m still reading “Passionate Minds” and my favorite blog these days is Daring Fireball, watching “The Tudors” on Showtime.

Geoff – listening to, just finished The Hobbit (again). Doctor Who is back for Season 5 on BBC America, iTunes (or anyway people want to find it)


Show Hosts:

David Beronja

  • Web Designer/Production
  • Founder "The Nashville Feed" blog

Lucas Hendrickson

  • Independent Journalist
  • Contributor at The Tennessean's
  • Instructor at Belmont University's Media Studies Department
  • Writer at

Paul Schatzkin

  • Revered Elder Statesman, Staunch McLuhanist, Internet Entrepreneur and (Occasional) Bomb Thrower
  • Founder, CEO, (1995-2000)
  • Author:  The Boy Who Invented Television: A Story of Inspiration, Persistence, and Quiet Passion (2002)
  • Author: Defying Gravity: The Parallel Universe of T Townsend Brown (2008)
  • New for 2010: Founder, Cohesion Arts (Artists Management & Digital Distribution, until we find the new paradigm vocabulary…)

Geoff Smith

  • Musician, Songwriter, Producer, Writer, Actor, Entrepreneur, New Media Personality
  • Owner of the iPhone Ringtone company,
  • Entertainment Director at The Big Bang
  • Advisory Board Member at

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David has been using computers to create his visions since the early days of the Apple II. When the world wide web hit he dove in head first learning HTML and building his first websites. After spending a few years at a software services firm in Milwaukee he moved to Nashville and shortly after the Music Industry grabbed hold. He joined the Country Music Association as webmaster designing, building and managing the CMA Awards, CMA Music Festival and corporate websites for the 8 years. He started their social media reach-out and when he left the CMA could reach over 50,000 fans directly. David currently freelances by day, codes by night along with producing/hosting the Nashville Tech Feed a technology podcast. David was named by Billboard Magazine as one of the top 140 people in the Music Industry to follow on Twitter. , Facebook and Twitter