Nashville Tech Feed #12 – Social Media: Are We Doing It All Wrong?

Episode 12 of the Nashville Tech Feed continues the conversation started at Podcamp with Josh Oakes session “Maybe We're *ALL* Doing it Wrong: A Contrarian View of Social Media” We discuss is it it good or bad, does it go to far, are we fooling ourselves with perceived friendships? And so much more. Josh Oaks joins us along with Courtenay Rogers where we dig into and chew on the topic.

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Topics and Notes:

  • Social Media: Wrong?
  • Counterpoints
  • What Can We Do Right?
  • What We're Consuming
  • Where we can find you online

Articles/Supporting Links:



Show Hosts:

David Beronja


  • Web Designer/Production/Founder "The Nashville Feed" blog



Lucas Hendrickson


  • Independent Journalist
  • Contributor at The Tennessean's
  • Instructor at Belmont University's Media Studies Department
  • Writer at



Josh Oakes




Courtenay Rogers


  • Principal | Account Executive at Primarily Rye (a design, marketing and creative strategy company)
  • Courtenay was also the chief whip-cracker for the volunteer corps at the recent PodCamp Nashville, and made sure we all were sufficiently fed.




What We're Consuming

Lucas – Haunted by Poe

David – iSamJackson iPhone App

Josh – Linchpin: Are You Indispensable? by Seth Godin

Courtenay – The March issue of Inc. Magazine

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