2009 Barcamp Nashville is Just What the Tech Doctor Ordered

This is the third year for Nashville’s’ very own Barcamp and it’s getting better and better. The interesting thing is that over 500 of the most technologically adept people in Nashville attended in 2008 but it’s still a fringe event to most businesses here. It is the one of the two big events that I look forward to each year, the other is Podcamp.

This year’s event is going to be the biggest so far with last count 55 plus sessions with topics on content, social media, design, start-ups, enterprise, gear and marketing. One of the legacy items left over from the original Barcamp formula is the ability for anybody to sign-up to speak the day of the event. I missed the early sign-up because I couldn’t think of anything to present but after seeing one of the most popular sessions I have an idea. The working title is “Debunking the Myth of How to Create Massive Buzz for Your Website or Blog.” There is such a variety of sessions that if you don’t see what you like sign-up for your own session called “Teach me…” see what happens.

So I’ve discussed some of the good things about Barcamp Nashville and now I’m going mention some of what I call “negatives” which there aren’t many. So even though I mention that there are 500+ of the smartest people in Nashville attending, I think we’ve lost smallness of the event. I remember the first Barcamp being such a wonder and so excited to meet in person people I had connected to online. I guess with all trends there is a tipping point where it’s not just a word of mouth friend of a friend event. Course you could say word of mouth has become much more powerful than it used to be. The other negative is that the event is downtown where parking is slim or expensive. While I give the Barcamp crew props for pulling this event off and I don’t know all the behind the scenes realities I wish the event was somewhere with better parking options.

Negatives done, back to the positives. One of the other biggest advantages of Barcamp is it’s free and open to the public. So it won’t cost you one cent except for parking and the optional lunch which is $10. You’ll have a full day of networking and learning from some of the best “geeks” in Nashville.

2009 BarCamp Nashville will be held this Saturday, October 17th, at Cadillac Ranch in downtown Nashville (doors open at 8 am)

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