About The Nashville Feed

Founded in 2006 by David Beronja “The Nashville Feed” is a group blog with with accompanying podcast produced and hosted in Nashville. The site covers topics from music business, events and culture with a Nashville perspective.



The Nashville Feed blog is a collective of several writers each with a distinct style and opinion. Articles are posted every day or so.

Current Writers:

  • mDave Founder/Publisher of the Nashville Feed primary blogger on the Nashville Feed. Covers everything from Music Business to events to new media.

Past Writers:

  • Jamesela Jamie knows music and whats going on around town. She reviews shows and lets you know what’s the “it” plans for the weekend coming.
  • Amy – Amy joined the blog in early 2007 and covers local music reviewing shows and music. Amy has since moved to New York and retired from blogging on the Nashville Feed. We wish Amy the best of luck.
  • Benn Stebleton – Writing about media and culture with a good bit of snarkyness. Benn is going to school for journalism in Memphis.


Tech Podcast

The tech show is a pre-recorded 30-90 minute in the talk format where 2-5 people with experience in the topic discuss. The show tries to get a perspective that people who work in the industry from the mid-south. Comments can be submitted via twitter/nashvillefeed, email comments(a)nashvillefeed.com or voicemail 615-280-0505.

Music Podcast

The podcast is shaped with a Nashville perspective featuring independent music from artists based in Nashville, surrounding areas along with a few independent national artists. We try to focus on music that you wouldn’t expect to come from Nashville, like rock. If your a country artist please don’t contact us, sorry. The podcast is produced every few weeks and are about 15-30+ minutes long featuring 3 to 5 songs. Podcasting is something still relatively new we contact the artists and ask for permission to feature their music in the show. The podcast is Creative Commons 2.5 Standard License by-nd-nc. This is also the license that I would use for your music; you can read more about it at http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nc-nd/2.5/ Show Details:

  • 15-30+ minutes for each show approx 3-5 songs a show with commentary
  • Distributed via direct download, news feeds and email.
  • File formats is OGG and MP3
  • Audio quality is 96kbs or radio quality
  • License is Creative Commons 2.5 by-nd-nc
  • Shows are archived on http://www.NashvilleFeed.com/
  • Show notes blog will reference artist, song title, album title, link to websites and how to buy music if applicable
  • Nashville Feed does reserves the right to include advertising on the website and/or show to recoup time and resources in production, equipment, marketing, etc of the podcast.


About the Author

David has been using computers to create his visions since the early days of the Apple II. When the world wide web hit he dove in head first learning HTML and building his first websites. After spending a few years at a software services firm in Milwaukee he moved to Nashville and shortly after the Music Industry grabbed hold. He joined the Country Music Association as webmaster designing, building and managing the CMA Awards, CMA Music Festival and corporate websites for the 8 years. He started their social media reach-out and when he left the CMA could reach over 50,000 fans directly. David currently freelances by day, codes by night along with producing/hosting the Nashville Tech Feed a technology podcast. David was named by Billboard Magazine as one of the top 140 people in the Music Industry to follow on Twitter. , Facebook and Twitter